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Playwright Reviews (Not updated, sorry!)


Cam Girls and Asian Fetishes Take Center Stage in Keiko Green's Nadeshiko

Rich Smith, "The Stranger"

"That idea, which Green embeds in Nadeshiko's every joke and gesture, allows her to critique "the system"—which implicates the audience and even the theater itself—without using all the SJW buzzwords I just used to describe it."


Annex's Funny, Surprisingly Moving Puny Humans Is Like Altman's Nashville for Nerd Culture

Rich Smith, "The Stranger"

"From there, one of approximately eight intersecting narratives involving 13 characters unfolds. They're all pretty compelling. It's sort of like a stage version of Robert Altman's Nashville but for nerds and not as weird."


On stage this week: basketball at WET, killer rabbits at Annex

Dusty Somers, "The Seattle Times"

"It's not quite Beatrix Potter on acid, but Green and director Pamala Mijatov's stark vision of corrupted innocence is rare less than intriguing."

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