Receiving Outstanding New Play for Nadeshiko at the 2017 Gregory Awards in Seattle, WA.


A list of Keiko's full-length plays. Please contact Evan Morse at the Gersh Agency for script solicitations.

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90 min. 1W/1W

Jim is on death row. Nyce is his pen pal. She swears she’s 18, but maybe she’s not. In any case, she’s just a high school kid with a true crime obsession and a crappy home life. As Jim’s execution date nears, he and Nyce live out alternate realities, fantasize about death and dying, tell a bunch of lies and eventually get to something close to the truth.

  • PRODUCTION: ACT Theatre - March 2021

  • WORKSHOP: ACT Theatre - June 2020


Exotic Deadly

90 min. 3W/3M

Ami is an awkward, Japanese American high school girl, just trying to stay as invisible as possible. But her world comes crashing down with a terrible discovery: her family is responsible for manufacturing MSG! In this time traveling adventure, Ami realizes what she’s capable of, if she would just stop being invisible.

  • PRODUCTION: UCSD - January 2021

  • WORKSHOP: Launchpad - March 2021



80 min. 2W

A dark dramedy about two very different women taking on the fight of their lives in a sultry Georgia summer over an ugly dog named Gorgeous -- and the women they hope to be. In a post #MeToo era, GORGEOUS explores the impossibility of forgiveness after an improbable change.

  • READING: Theatre Battery - August 2018

  • READING: Seattle Repertory Theatre - June 2017


Ballad of the White Tiger

90 min. 3W/2M

After a car accident, two sisters are left estranged -- Hana disappears to Japan in an effort to start over. Yuki, now in a wheelchair, picks up the pieces and moves on in her new life. In Japan, Hana finds she doesn't quite fit in despite her heritage, and she finds herself relating to the story of a group of young samurai boys who met a tragic demise, known as The White Tiger.

  • CURRENT FINALIST: Playwrights Realm: Scratchpad Series - 2019

  • READING: New Century Theatre Company - November 2017



120 min. 3W/2M

Nadeshiko follows the story of two women: A young woman in Japan during World War II takes on the role of caregiver to soldiers soon flying to their deaths. In 2016, Risa takes on a peculiar gig from Craigslist in order to pay her rent. As personal and sexual boundaries blur, the stories of two generations of women intersect in this discovery of power within idealized Asian beauty.

  • HONORABLE MENTION: Kilroys List - 2017

  • WINNER: 9th Annual Gregory Awards "Outstanding New Play" - 2017

  • PRODUCTION: Sound Theatre Company - April 2017

  • READING: Seattle Repertory Theatre - June 2016

puny hams.jpg

Puny Humans (co-writer)

130 min. 8W/5M

The Queen City Comicon throbs and bustles with fans in cosplay, celebrities on the rise (or on the way down), disgruntled vendors, and desperate staff members trying to hold the whole damn thing together. Passion, comedy, and geekdom collide as thirteen characters’ lives intertwine over the course of one epic day.

  • PRODUCTION: Annex Theatre - April 2016



120 min. 9W/2M

A warren of abandoned bunnies in Woodland Park evolves into a dark religious cult in this gleefully unsettling tale of revenge, sacrifice, and the most transgressive love of all, inspired by the classic Greek tragedy The Bacchae.

  • PRODUCTION: Annex Theatre - April 2015



100 min. 2W/2M

In the Offices of Reincarnation, life goes on. And on.
Life.Cycle. follows the story of two employees who run into trouble when a mysterious, recently deceased woman arrives with a missing file. This drama offers some serious laughs and uses movement, live music, and other storytelling technique to explore the small vignettes interspersed throughout the main story.

  • PRODUCTION: Self-Produced - July 2013